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The History of COVALEY

Practically perfect.

The elegance, aesthetic appeal, and supreme craftsmanship of COVALEY® serving utensils are only matched by their practicality, convenience, and versatility.

Made in the USA (entirely in New York State), our serving utensils are engineered from culinary-grade stainless steel and are durable, dishwasher safe, and designed to accommodate a wide range of dishware sizes. They may look graceful and delicate, but with their rugged construction, they can lift a surprising 150 pounds.

COVALEY serving accessories permit hands-free serving, facilitate quick and easy cleanup after meals, and are helpful and easy to use for people with arthritis or other physical limitations. They keep plates and platters perfectly balanced, which means no tipping and spills. And, because they allow one hand to be free, our serving utensils help you get more done in less time.

Bring more to the table – with the magic of COVALEY.

Phillippe De La Feronniere -- designer of COVALEY serving utensilsFrench connection.

Not surprisingly, the history of COVALEY serving utensils can be traced to the world epicenter of cuisine and fine dining – France.

More than 25 years ago, our family hosted two French exchange students: Loic and Jean Baptiste. They told us of their grandfather, Phillippe De La Feronniere, a gentleman farmer from Paris who often visited Normandy to meet with the workers on his family’s farms.

An impeccable dresser, Phillippe wore a well-crafted jacket and a tie around a hard collar, a hat to protect himself from the sun and cold, and high leather riding boots.

Phillippe was a lover of local products such as apples and calvados brandy, but especially Camembert cheese, and always brought back the products the farmers offered him to his family.

Returning to Paris from one of the farms, the trunk of his old Peugeot 404 loaded with Camembert, Phillippe had an epiphany: to create a tray for easily and tastefully transporting cheese. His idea involved a handle that could be adapted to fit any size plate so his family could share the cheese in an elegant way.
His father Ernest, a renowned aeronautical engineer, helped him create a versatile, efficient design using a flexible curved part which allowed it to adapt to different size plates. Phillippe used this simple yet ingenious system to serve and share various foods and delicacies for his entire life.

Fortuitously, grandsons Loic and Jean Baptiste just happened to have two of Phillippe’s prototypes from the 1940s, which they shared with us. Sensing enormous potential, we took an old idea and made it new and exciting again. In 2017 we launched our company, Plate Poignee LLC, which translates to “plate handle.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

A final word about our name: COVALEY. What does it mean?

COVALEY is a portmanteau word – one that blends two words or parts of words into one new word.

The “CO” part refers to the coiled design of our serving accessories. And the “VALEY” part is a play on “valet,” or one who serves. Which makes our name a perfect representation of our products.