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How To: Thanksgiving Dinner Tips & Planning Guide (Part II)

Thanksgiving Day Final Preparations

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Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/blog/Thanksgiving-Prep-1200w.jpgThanksgiving Morning:

Season your vegetable sides if needed and place them in appropriate serving dishes, making sure that the dishware is microwave- and oven-safe. Stuffing can be left in the disposable foil pan and re-heated in the oven.

Make a time schedule for the day.

Start with your scheduled dinner time and then work backwards. Don’t forget to leave time for allowing the turkey to rest and make sure to allow some extra time in case something goes wrong. Understand that some of your final preparations will take place during your cocktail hour, so don’t get distracted. Set timers or engage your guests to help remind you of your timeline.

Here’s a sample schedule for having dinner at 5 PM:

3 PM:
Take your pre-made dishes that need to be reheated out of the refrigerator so they start to come to room temperature. Also take out any pies, cakes, or desserts (unless they’re made of custard or cream) so they come to room temperature. Don't forget to bring the butter for the table to room temperature as well.

4 PM:
Guests start to arrive for cocktail hour and appetizers. Place the stuffing in the oven covered for about 45 minutes and then uncover the last 15 minutes for a crispy crust.

4:20 PM:
The turkey should be out of the oven, so depending on the size of your turkey, plan the cooking time accordingly. Now use the time while the turkey is resting to reheat your sides and mashed potatoes and finish your gravy. Make sure to utilize your microwave for ease of re-heating for such things as the mashed potatoes and vegetables sides. 

4:55 PM:
Ask your guests for help in transferring the dishes to the buffet area or to the dining table. Pre-labeling the spot where each dish is going will help the process. Make sure you have plenty of COVALEY serving utensils to pre-attach to the dishes for easy handling, plus spoons and tongs, so that you can place them in each dish as they are being transported.

5 PM:
Congratulations! You’ve done it! Take a seat and enjoy your guests and dinner.

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