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How To: Charcuterie 101

Charcuterie board with COVALEY serving utensilThere’s no party hit more popular or impressive than a beautiful charcuterie board. But, before you start scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and become overwhelmed by the many artistic creations, let’s go through the basics. It’s easier and much more attainable than you may think if you follow the golden rule of the 4 S’s:

  • Sweet
  • Savory
  • Spicy
  • Salty

Add a pop of color with fruit! Bright red strawberries, blueberries, granny smith apple slices ... whatever will complement your other ingredients. Or whatever is in season and easy to grab at the grocery store.  (We’re going for easy, remember?)

You could also go for some wine-soaked cheese to add more to the sweet category. Try a merlot-soaked goat cheese (to die for). When selecting dips, be sure to have at least one jam or preserve that will fit this category.

The meats and cheeses can multitask as your savory items. Try to have at least three varieties of each that also cover the salty and spicy categories. Your dips (pesto, artichoke, etc.) can play in here as well.

We love a spicy cheese. Pepperjack Gouda has been a go-to on almost every board we’ve created.  It’s not overpowering, but always gets compliments and is typically the first cheese to disappear. Picking out a spicy mustard dip will always add another layer of flavor to any board.

Cured meats take the cake here. Most grocery stores will sell variety packs of cured meat or you can select from the deli counter. Pick a few out, determine your favorites, and get to putting this board together! You can also add any sort of nuts to the board for the salty element; almonds and cashews have always been top picks.

When putting together your board, variety is key. Use different colors and textures so each food is a star that stands out from the rest. When designing your board, remember to keep the cheeses separated from each other and make sure you never have too much of any one color clustered in any one place on the board. Edible flowers are beautiful and can add an interesting twist!

Start with arranging the bowls of dipping sauces across your board. Ethnic sauces and dips, mustards, pesto, preserves – choose what you like. It’s the host’s preference.

Next, start arranging your fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses making sure to put different colors and textures next to each other. The cheeses and meats should intersect and play off of each other. Fill in the empty places with crackers and bread without crowding them together. (No one wants to touch a brown plate.)

Attach your COVALEY serving handle and get ready to share with your friends.

Make It Fun:
Place bottles of wine with notes about the cheeses and meats that pair well with each wine. No one’s going to a party just to eat cheese after all, am I right? 

Make sure to plate, serve, and share with COVALEY! Happy hosting!

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